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2012 Voters' Guide

What is the Voters' Guide? It is a publication of the League of Women Voters of Utah that provides candidates' views on topics important to voters. The League is a non-partisan organization with the mission of educating voters so they can make informed decisions. "Non-partisan" means that we never support a particular party or candidate. Instead, we provide unbiased information to enable voters to use their own judgment when voting.

We obtain candidates' views by surveying the candidates themselves. In the past, the candidates' responses to the survey questions were published as a pull-out section in the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News. With the advent of the electronics age, we are publishing the Voters' Guide online.

This year, we sent out questionnaires on July 1 to every candidate running in the November election for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Utah State Legislature and statewide offices. The questions were tailored to each office, but candidates for the same office received the same questions. We asked them to respond in 200 words or less to each question and to return their responses by August 1.

This Voters' Guide contains the unedited views of all the candidates who responded to our questions. If a candidate did not respond, it is so noted.

All candidates' names that will appear on the November ballot are included in the Voters' Guide. To the best of our ability, we have also included a link to their campaign webpage, their address and their telephone number. If a candidate in your district did not respond to the questions, we suggest that you contact them individually to get their views.

The candidates are organized by district. To learn your congressional district, state senate district and state house district, go to VOTE.UTAH.GOV.


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Candidates For Federal Office

US Congress
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Candidates For State Wide Office

Governor/Lt. Governor
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State Treasurer

Candidates For Utah State Legislature

Utah House
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