How The League Works

The League of Women Voters is organized at three levels – local, state, and national. In Utah, there are over 400 members in four local Leagues (Weber, Davis, Grand, Salt Lake, and Grand counties) under the umbrella of the League of Women Voters of Utah.

History of the Utah League

Learn about our suffragist past and the work left to do for women and voters. 

League Scope

The League is grassroots and broad-based. We study the issues our members think are important in five broad areas:

  • Effective government structure and operation 
  • Excellence in public education 
  • Equitable social policy 
  • Good management of natural resources 
  • Peaceful international relations

Volunteer Activities

Our members volunteer for three kinds of service – Voter Service, League Studies and League Action.

Voter Service

The League is best known for Voter Service. League volunteers work with the community and media to:

  • Urge every citizen to register and vote
  • Register hundreds of voters
  • Publish Voter Guides and maintain websites on candidate positions and issues
  • Provide a year-round government information hot line

Both the Utah League and local Leagues sponsor public debates between candidates for the U. S. Congress, Governor of Utah, county commissions, city councils and mayors. The League also sponsors forums and workshops, often in cooperation with the media, on issues such as campaign reform, health care, wetlands and agricultural lands protection, citizen lobbying, running for office, transportation options, and impacts of growth.

League Studies

The League believes voters should be informed about public issues. Our non-partisan studies are widely distributed to members, the media, government agencies and the public.

Because of our reputation for well-researched, impartial reports, League studies of issues such as affordable housing, Utah’s tax structure, minimum impacts in southern Utah and Utah corrections policy are supported by tax deductible contributions to the League of Women Voters from businesses, unions, foundations, trusts and individuals throughout Utah. The League is studying and acting in the areas of immigration issues, population growth impacts, energy policy, transportation planning, election laws, corrections policy, water resources, forms of local government, public education and tax equity.

League Consensus and Action

League members read and discuss our studies, then come to consensus on what government action we should encourage. We monitor government operations and lobby for legislation year round. Because our agenda includes a broad spectrum of issues, we often collaborate with other groups to promote action on priority issues:

  • Campaign finance reform, lobbyist disclosure, and open government
  • An equitable tax structure
  • Adequate funding for health care and human services
  • Protection of the environment and public health
  • Protection of citizen rights
  • Easier voter registration, higher voter turnout and more participation in government

Join the Discussion

The Utah League employs a listserve to disseminate materials and discuss issues of mutual interest. Please join us:

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