League of Women Voters of Salt Lake
Board of Directors

2016-17 Officers

Co-Presidents - Kathy Biele – howze@xmission.com

                           Carole Straughn - carolefs222@gmail.com

1st VP-Programs - Carol Jenson

         Natural Resources Director: Ann O’Connell

         Health and Human Services Director – Vickie Samuelson

         Unit Meetings Director – Janice Gygi

         Salt Lake County Government Director -

2nd VP-Organization –Jeanine Kuhn Coker

         Membership Director – Anne Zeigler

         Activities Promotion Director – Shelly Pace

         Arrangements – Kathy Zumbro


3rd Co-VP-Voter Service - Nancy Wingelaar, Luana Chilelli

           Naturalization Chair - Jane Nelson (appointed)

           Vote18 Chair - Jan Brock (appointed)

           Tabling Chair - Shelly Pace (appointed)

Secretary - Pat Black

Treasurer – Luana Chilelli

Development Director – Kate Hancock

         State of Community Luncheon - Sue Lind (appointed)

         Fall Fete – Nancy Wingelaar (appointed)

Nominating Chair – Janice Gygi


Executive Director Emeritus - Sandy Peck