League of Women Voters of Salt Lake
Board of Directors

2018-19 Officers                     


President    Kathy Biele (2019)

*President-Elect    Carole Straughn (2020)

*Treasurer    Luana Chilelli (2020)

*Secretary    Rachel Ridge (2019)   

*1st VP for Program, co-director     Jeanine Kuhn-Coker (2019)

*1st VP for Program, co-director     Kathy Adams (2019)

Directors- reporting to 1st VPs:

Unit Meetings        

Janice Gygi (2020)

Natural Resources

Ann O’Connell (2019)  

Health/Human Serv.

Carolyn Erickson (2019)

County Government

   Observer Corps, co-directors

Miriam Aiazzi (2019)

*Noah Rosenberg (2020)  


*Loren Attwood (2019)

*2nd VP for Organization, co-director     Janice Gygi (2019)  

*2nd VP for Organization, co-director     Meredith Reed (2020)

Directors reporting to 2nd VPs:


Anne Zeigler (2020)


Nancy Wingelaar (2019)


3rd VP for Voter Service, co-director     Jan Brock (2019)

*3rd VP for Voter Service, co-director     Luana Chilelli (2020)


Appointed Advisers to the Board   

Executive Director Emeritus     Sandy Peck

Communications Team (commteam@lwvsl.org)   

Shelly Pace & Melissa Nelson-Stippich

Arrangements    Debbie Larsen

Naturalization    Jane Nelson   

Community Luncheon    (communitylunch@lwvsl.orgSue Lind

5K Walk    (5k@lwvsl.org) Miriam Aiazzi

Nominating Chair    Immediate Past President


*Asterisk denotes position to be elected at the 2018 Annual Meeting.