League Of Women Voters of Salt Lake Committees

Depending on your time and interest there are many ways to become involved with the League. 

Every little bit of help is appreciated. We understand that volunteers may not have large amounts of time to invest in the tasks below. We urge you to reach out to the head of a committee you are interested in. 

Just because you can not attend an event, or you work during business hours, you shouldn't assume we don't need you! Often there are small jobs we need help with that are not time intensive, and can be done from your own home. Every little bit helps. From answering emails to monitoring online, we can find a way for you to assist the League, we promise!

Take a look at the following committees and reach out and become a volunteer.

Legislative Action Corps

Follow bills of interest to the League.

Listen and take notes as bills move through the committee process. Then report via email to the League Legislative listserve. If deemed an issue the League should act on, help research the bill and the League position. Training provided.

For information contact Emily Walsh, actioncorps@lwvutah.org

Voter Services

Build informed and active participation of citizens in our government

Help teach Vote 18, a democracy class, at local high schools.

       For information, contact Jan Brock

Help at events (registering voters) and moderating and assisting at various debates for candidates running for office. 

       For information contact Luana Chilelli 

Both can be reached at voterservices@lwvsl.org.

Naturalization Ceremonies

Welcome new citizens as Americans and help them register to vote.

For information contact Jane Nelson voterservices@lwvsl.org

Salt Lake County Government

Become informed on activities and actions the county addresses that would be of interest to the League on a grass roots level.

Attend city council meetings and report to County Government Director, who will determine via the League Board any action the LWV would pursue.

For information contact Miriam Aiazzi or Noah Rosenberg observercorps@lwvsl.org

Health and Human Services

Monitor local health and human services issues - such as homelessness, people with disabilities, planned parenthood - and build partnerships with other organizations to promote the health and well being of Salt Lake County citizens. Training is provided.

For information contact Carolyn Erickson at healthservices@lwvsl.org

Natural Resources

Work to effect change in areas of environmental concern by following legislative agendas and attending any pertinent meetings, becoming a liaison to other non-profits, becoming an activist in an area of personal concern.

For information contact Ann O'Connell natural-resources@lwvsl.org