League of Women Voters
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Board: Jean Binyon, Karen Robinson, Cynthia Smith
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When the Grand County Clerk announced that voting would be solely by mail-in ballots, there were several questions raised about the process and its impact on ballot secrecy.

To get a better understanding,  the League talked with personnel from a County Clerk's office that had already managed mail-in elections; the local postmaster to find out how the ballots would be received, postmarked and transferred to the County Clerk's Office; and on several occasions with the Grand County Clerk's Office to get full details on how they would be collecting, storing, recording and counting ballots. 

We took the results from the various interviews and summarized the data to a size suitable for printing a double-sided three-fold flyer.  These flyers will be widely distributed throughout the County.  Download a copy of Grand County's NEW Vote-By-Mail Requirements

To read more about the steps we went through to create the brochure, download Grand County Vote-By-MAIL (Absentee) Process


Our Candidates Forum was very well attended – standing room only.  You may watch the proceedings on Channel 10 at 7PM on October 10, 13, 17, 21 and 29.  It may also be viewed on the Omni Production website at www.moab21.com.

Voter Registration

We have been conducting Voter Registration at City Market on Saturdays and have had quite a bit of traffic.  This year, for the first time, we have been able to access an Excel spreadsheet that allows us to tell voters if they are active or inactive – quite an important distinction when the County is conducting their election via mail-in ballots as inactive voters will not receive a ballot.  We are accepting and delivering to the County Clerk Voter Registration Forms where the applicant has a Utah Driver License or ID with the same address as his current residence.  We cannot accept others because the Clerk requires they be delivered in person with the appropriate ID.

We have been advising those with Utah Driver License or ID how easy it is to register or to change their address on-line:  If the address at the DL Division is the same as the residential voting address, vote.utah.gov allows easy registration.  If the address is different, it is first necessary to change DL address on-line at driverlicense.utah.gov, then, about 24 hours later, to access vote.utah.gov for voter registration or address change.

On-line registration may be done through October 28.  Registration in person at the County Clerk's Office is possible through October 27.   (The deadline for registering by mail was October 6.) 

VOTE.  Your ballots must be postmarked by Monday, November 3, or taken to the County Clerk's Office by October 30 OR on Election Day, November 4, between 7AM and 8PM.   (Yes, that is correct:  ballots may not be taken to the Clerk's Office on Friday, October 31 or Monday November 3.)


To see the contests in which Grand County voters may participate in see 2014 Election Candidates - Grand County



For important election related dates, see 2014 Election and Registration Dates




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