League Priorities

The League's program is a list of priorities generated by the members every two years.

LWVUT  Program

I. Promote an open governmental system that is representative, accountable, and

A. Act to improve the election process, including

1. Monitoring the redistricting process for federal and state legislative offices.

2. Promoting voter education and participation in the election process, focusing on
the candidate selection process, getting out the vote, and gathering information about mail-in ballots.

3. Promoting revisions to Utah's election laws in keeping with federal voting legislation , and incorporating safeguards to ensure the integrity of elections using electronic voting equipment. 

4. Promoting campaign finance reform with a primary focus on campaign
contribution limits for candidates for state offices.

5. Investigating changing the processes for selecting candidates for state office.

6. Promote transparency in government, including

  1. Observing and reporting to members and the Public on General Sessions and Interim Meetings of the Utah Legislature
  2. Monitoring and protecting Utah's GRAMA laws

II. Act to protect Utah's citizen initiative process, including the use of electronic signatures.

III.  Promote a sustainable lifestyle to preserve a Utah environment beneficial to life, emphasizing climate change, air quality, energy issuestransportation, public land, water and seismic issues. 

IV. Promote community awareness of health care for the uninsured and under-insured, and support Medicaid expansion in the State of Utah.

V. Review current League positions on taxation to resolve inconsistencies and to
determine adequacy for action on current policy issues. 

VI. Monitor issues of the Utah educational system, focusing on curriculum, elective,
fiscal, and governance matters. Study school finance.

VII. Study the proposed relocation of the Utah State Prison.

VIII. Promote League positions at the Utah Legislature and other public arenas with emphasis on working in conjunction with other organizations.