Get Involved - I Did!

This summer, if you are tired of the constant firestorm of political anger, step up to the plate and join a team that consistently hits the ball out of the park. The League of Women Voters is dedicated to preserving our democracy; they set the standard for meticulously researching issues thoroughly before establishing an opinion. They are one of the oldest and most respected groups of citizens who believe that when citizens work together, we can and do make a difference in making or breaking new laws. I attended the last Utah Legislative Session and was proud of the reverence shown to our group from both sides of the aisle. The League is nonpartisan.

The 2018 elections are coming quickly and we must get citizens registered to vote! I spent weeks obtaining signatures for the Better Boundary petitions to get the initiative on the 2018 ballot. It was a lot of fun canvassing the public and explaining to them why it’s so important to stop politicians from drawing up their own districts (aka: gerrymandering). Many Utahns thanked me personally for “helping us all” and promised to vote. We must keep up this momentum! If signing up new Voters is where you want to contribute, we will be talking with students in our high schools and setting up voter registration tables at Farmers Market and other public events.

Jump in! There are so many projects to chose from depending on your time and interests. We need your help at the Naturalization Ceremonies where you will welcome new citizens as Americans and help them register to vote.  It’s a deeply emotional time for the women and men who often left their homeland to escape brutality and fear of death. I personally know how hard it is to pass our Naturalization test and to learn English: my sister-in-law is from northern Italy, my aunt is from Guatemala and my cousin’s wife is from South Korea. By attending one of these ceremonies, you will never fully know how much you affected these lives. Your support and smiles will become cherished moments that they will remember forever. It’s not every day that you can be a true hero and their gratitude will not be lost on you. 

The League (aka LWV) offers many other opportunities: 1) monthly meetings where you meet other people to talk about strengthening our nation, 2) attending committees of our Utah legislators at the State Capitol with round table discussions as to the merits of the laws up for consideration, 3) watching and reporting on environmental issues that currently affect our air, our parks, wildlife, rivers and lakes (notably the Great Salt Lake- a one of a kind natural treasure that is home to so many birds), 4) following and discussing issues in public health that include newly proposed laws, Medicaid expansion, and, 5) true grassroots opportunities such as choosing to be the “eyes and ears” (aka- watchdog) of the local council meetings or city meeting and, reporting an outline of issues to LWV Board who will determine if there is any action that needs review. 

And, that’s where my story starts, as I am following the newest city in Utah: Millcreek City. There is so much to tell you about this process- the meetings and debates. My own personal feelings about proposed trails behind my house ( No, I do not approve and will explain) and the residents’ ire over the plans to tear down Skyline High School ( There was very loud opposition to the new architectural concept presented by Granite school and- I am wondering if it is a fact that Homeland Security recommends this style after studying the shootings in other schools; ie- has this been studied as thoroughly and tested?)
So much to tell you but it’s late. I have attended 3 meetings in 3 weeks and it’s all unresolved, debated each time. I will tell you more tomorrow.
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